Developing Flexibility & Hip Strength for your round kicks

I have been a Karate Instructor for 25 years and developed numerous different ways to help students improve their kicking and flexibility.

The round kick is most peoples kick of choice in sparring, so being about to control it is so important. A lot of times our hips will limit the height and range in which we can use this kick. A common mistake for beginners is drop the knee when trying to kick above the waist. The angle of your hips, knee and supporting leg are so important. If one of these 3 elements is wrong it will limit how you can use your round kick.

This up/down drill was created to help my students develop hip strength and improve their flexibility in the process. It develops strong hip muscles and is suitable for any striking style of martial arts from Karate, Muay Thai to MMA.

When you practice this drill be sure to turn your supporting leg 180 degrees, this takes the pressure off your hips, allowing you to work on strength, when performing the lifting element.

Let me know if this works for you!



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